Take Me Home, Baby!

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The Regulars

Bob owns a broadcast journalism degree. He came to Bayside to get away from his parents and the desert of New Mexico. He's a very laid back punker who enjoys good times and beer. He has a great love of the band Rush and he hates politics with a passion. Currently he's angling on Rhonda, who seems to view Bob as a joke. Bob's hobbies are sleep, beer, and good music. Back to Top

Milton Werth came to Bayside from New York, where he developed his very biting wit and brutal honesty. He usually says what's on his mind, which is what gets him into so much trouble. He views the locals as "goobers" and he never misses a chance to needle them about it. His hobbies are computer chat rooms, watching old mob movies, and trying everything he can to catch Bonnie's eye. Back to Top

Bonnie Deetz came to Bayside from a farm in Nebraska to study oceanography and to show her protective parents that she could "rough it" and make it on her own. She comes off as quite naive and demur, but many times she's shown that she's anything but. Bonnie enjoys the ocean and studying it, and she loves to keep Milton just interested to torment him. She won't admit it, but she kinda likes the guy.  Her hobbies mainly revolve around painting and writing fiction. Back to Top

Barney the Badger found his place among the gang at Hagar House after Chunk fed him some pizza.  Barney figured there'd be more to come if he stuck around the "fat guy" and he was right. Being a badger, Barney has a terrible temper. His attitude is essentially "get out my way" and most people do.  Even so, he does have his good points. He acts as the official mascot of the university and he enjoys his notoriety. His hobbies are causing trouble around the town, eating roadkill, and watching the Jerry Springer show. Back to Top

George Bullhoffer loves to eat, hence the his nickname "Chunk." He came to Bayside because it was cheap and he heard they had the best ribs on the east coast. He's studying for his culinary arts degree. Chunk is a quiet, soft-spoken guy -- that is until he puts on the cape and mask to become Fatman (see the following character description).  He loves to bowl and draw comics. Back to Top

Fatman and Badger, the Lethargic Duo, were born after Chunk watched the Cannonball Run for the first time. He thought Captain Chaos was pretty keen and decided to become a superhero tasked with fighting food injustices in the world. Barney decided to become a partner because he figured that anyone fighting to save food had to have an ample supply of it. Be sure to visit the awesome Fatman and Badger Page. Back to Top

The Lethargic Duo

Brian Dixon is the ultimate Star Trek fan and insists that since he dresses and acts like Spock, that everyone calls him Spock. He never misses an episode, a commercial, or a convention having to do with Star Trek. Brian claims logic is his motivator and never, ever shows emotions ... well almost never. He works at a local hobby store and has yet to find a girlfriend. Back to Top

Rhonda Arconna is tough-as-nails girl from Bayside who advocates women's rights. Her toughness came from her 3 older brothers who picked on her constantly. Rhonda's temper is legendary and she's been known to knock a few guys on their backsides. She's finished her poli-sci degree in hopes to someday become president. She came to Hagar House after Bob told her "men only." Back to Top

Steve Vertsee is a computer guru specializing in artificial intelligence. He came to Bayside because he wanted a small town that was out of the way where he could do his research for his Phd. He collects all sorts of comics and is a kid at heart. Sometimes he gets a bit testy and is constantly worried about his health. He loves Kung Fu and studies it constantly. Back to Top

Jon Irie (perfect) is a Reggae lovin' rasta man who was befriended by the last of the Hagars, Granny Hagar.  She left him the honor of being caretaker of Hagar House, which he rents cheaply to students of Bayside U. He's also the executor of Granny Hagar's will, which contains little "time bombs" of goodwill for lucky random students. Jon is a master of the drum set, which he only plays as a hobby. Jon has an acute fear of the water. Back to Top

Granny Hagar was the last of the wealthy Hagar family to reside in Hagar House. She roams the house as a ghost and acts as a guardian, keeping Satan and his minions from entering our dimension and enslaving everyone on Earth. She has strange powers that the gang at Hagar House have only had a small taste of. Granny can only reside in the house so long as it is occupied by boarders. Granny made her debut in this strip. Back to Top

Other Characters In and Out of Bayside

Satan. Yep, the big "S" seems to have a vested interest in seeing Hagar House empty and he'll use all of his guile and deceit to trick the residents into leaving. It seems that Whizzer, a former resident, may have fallen victim to Satan's trickery as he's nowhere to be found. His entrance into the Bayside world came in this strip. Back to Top

Gel'ar, Klingon Warrior. Appeared when Bob and Milton traveled to an alternate universe to save Spock. Gel'ar fell for Bob and sacrificed herself to give Bob, Milton, and Spock the chance to escape and return home. Bob has returned to rescue her. Back to Top

Cloy is Bob's sister. She lives in Salem, Mass. and has been practicing witchcraft all her life. She constantly needles Bob about using his own innate powers, but Bob seems reluctant. Cloy is a free spirit who rarely gets discouraged and believes in witchcraft as a tool for good. Her first appearance came when Bob went to her for help in rescuing Gel'ar. Back to Top



Martha Stewart is well known. She came to Bayside after being blackmailed into making Christmas dinner by Chunk, who seems to have an incriminating video of her. Back to Top

Miss Tightbunch is the head of the Bayside Christian Coalition and is quite the bible-thumper. She revels in dogging the heels of the University Students, trying her best to instill good Christian values (i.e. taking all the fun out of their college lives). She first appeared giving Bob a piece of her mind in this strip. Back to Top

Sheriff Buford T. Jackson is your typical ticket-writing, terbaccy-chawin', beer gut-totin' redneck who loves nothing more than harassing college students and any city slickers unfortunate enough to venture through his small town. He is usually the last thing a sausage ever sees. Jackson comes from a long line of Bayside sheriffs.

His houn'dog Blue is unmatched at sniffing out a place to sleep. Back to Top

Mexican Screaming Mice are a pesky breed of quick, fast food-loving rodent which recently made its way into Bayside and Hagar House. Only the ingenuity of Fatman and Badger got them out in this strip. Back to Top

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