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January 2007

Well hello all! It's been a good five years or so since I took my site down and got my life in order. Of course how much order can my life have? Well at least more than I had five years ago. Let's see, why did I leave? Some say it was because I didn't get along with the other admins on Keenspot. That's not true. Although I got into some scraps with some of the other artists at times, it was always (from my perspective) good fun and I never had anything against anyone, even that chinless puss that did the Bobbins strip (j/k). Chris Crosby from Superosity speculated that I was mad at him due to him not getting back to me on a graphic novel proposal I'd made to him. Nope.

My primary reason for withdrawing from Keenspot and putting up comics was my layoff from Gateway Computers. They were a great company but overextended themselves, costing me and a few hundred others their jobs. Oh well. The other significant aspect to my departure had to do with the investment of time. I was putting a good 10-12 hours a week into doing the strip and wasn't getting the kind of readership I'd hoped for. Investment vs. return. Pure and simple.

So anyway. after I got laid off at good ole Gateway in January of 2002, I went back to college to finish my final three classes to get my bachelors in Journalism/Communication, graduating in May of 2003. Now I'm working as a wireless data coordinator at [CENSORED FOR STALKERS], a very good company. I also finally got my house a couple of years ago. So now that things are somewhat stable I can devote solid time the comic which I enjoy so much.

On this run I'm going to really concentrate on less-disjointed storylines. I feel that one of my (many) weaknesses was that my storylines were choppy and not really complete at times. I'm plan to put more effort into scripting the storyline so it flows better and is, well, complete. So watch for it. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the game. It may take a while. I'm planning on doing 3 comics a week (M, W, F) and see if I can handle it. I'm getting old, you know! Drop me an email with anything on your mind!

Curtis B.


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