Take Me Home, Baby!

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Every comic has readers, and invariably among them are the critics. This page is devoted to those distinguished individuals (that means YOU).  Send in your comments about the comic and I'll put it up here (be tasteful).  Just email me!

Hey Look! Dana, creator of Superheroes With Glasses (no longer up) has provided me with some cool fan Art!

What's this? More fan art? Aw guys I'm blushing here! Anyhoo this nice bit 'o drawing was submitted by Martin aka Sarkyfox, so go take a look. Check out his site the Fox-Hole (no longer up).

In the spirit of the storyline "Cat Power," John Troutman, artist of the online comic Sporkman, has drawn his interpretation of what happens if you let a buttered cat spin in mid-air too long!

Hey Bayside's first award! Brought to us by Boxjam's Doodle! Be sure to visit the site! 

Whoa! even MORE guest art done by fellow cartoonist Aaron Holm, author of Joe Average.  Go see his strip or else!

Yep even MORE fan art done by fellow cartoonist Maritza Robelledo of College Roomies from Hell.  If you like it, click on the link to go visit her own comic strip!

Here's some fan art done by fellow cartoonist Aric Campling. This masterpiece features the main characters of Bayside. If you like this, be sure to check out Aric's online comic strip called HOSERS!

"I must say that it is a very enjoyable strip. I like it  quite a bit and expect to read it for a good long while. Keep 'em coming!" -- Chris Williams

"I love your strip, and I'm glad I found it!  It reminds me of the strip "Where The Buffalo Roam" which you may or may not have heard of...  I hope you're able to put out a book eventually like Hans did, because those two he has are probably the most read books I own... lol

Anyway, you're a SUPER cartoonist, and I hope you're able to continue with Life At Bayside for a long time...  I like the characters and the stories are good, you even have an animal character thrown in for fun :)

I'm off to read the rest of the archive!  Keep up the good work, and you better believe this'll be a favorite of mine, something to be sure and catch up on during those long stretches of the afternoon workday..." -- Marc LePine

Critics willingly, and without coercion, flocked to read Life at Bayside and give their opinions. This critic happened to come when there were strong winds about ... really. And what did he have to say?

 -- "I loved the damned comic. Can I go now?"

How do YOU say Life at Bayside?
"El&aumlmää Baysidessä" -- Finnish
"Livet ved Bayside" -- Norwegian
"La Vida en Bayside" -- Spanish
 "Vivo En Bayside" -- Esperanto
 "La vie a Bayside" -- French
 "Zhizeen V Bayside" -- Russian
 "Birdcage Liner" -- Manager at work
 "Leben bei Bayside" -- German
 "Vita a Bayside" -- Italian
 "Vida em Bayside" -- Portuguese
 "Livet i Bayside" -- Swedish
 "Buncha Crap" -- Next door neighbor
 "Leven aan de Bayside" -- Dutch
 "Ee zoe sto Bayside" -- Greek
 "Life at Bayside, eh" -- Canadian
 "Saol sa Bayside" -- Irish
  (Thanks to Dent, Brendan, Thomas, Gita, Danny, Larry, Zach, Arch, Johnathan, Gustavo, Aric, Lyle, Thor, Justin, and Joona!)

Just as soon as Lucy recovers from reading Life at Bayside, she's going to have some 'splainin' to do!

 "After reading Life at Bayside, we prayed for more!"

 -- Angels

"I love your Bayside strip.  Wish I had found it sooner.  I'll be watching from now on." -- Ron (from Australia)

"The comic looks good. I like the black and purple thing (but, hey, what do you expect from a Goth). Also, do like the Alice thingy in your read me. I've been reading every
day and it's getting funnier (is that a word). Keep it up." -- Linda S.

"I must say Curtis, the Bayside site is really taking shape swiftly.  And to think that I'll be able to say that I was a reader from day one..." -- Brian P.

 "You see son ... after Reading Life at Bayside, I realized that there was actually a bigger dummy out there than you." -- Fred G. Sanford

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