Take Me Home, Baby!

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Me, Myself, and I#2 Ok so you wanna know who is drawing this cheesy strip? Well it's me, Curtis. The bird on the drawing table is my 17 year old cockatiel "Puss." He usually sits there as I draw. After a while he'll bravely waddle his way down the table toward my nice clean strip and I have to shoo him off. Bird biscuits aren't good for strip quality.

Anyway, I was born in Lakenheath, England as an Air Force Brat in 1966. A year later I found myself in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have been here ever since.  After High School I worked on cars for about 8 years, enjoying the "good life" out of school and learning what low pay meant. I finally went to college and I'm now settling down on a career in computers. Currently I'm working as a wireless network analyst at [CENSORED FOR STALKER REASONS]. Let's hear it for the corporate juggernaut.

I've been drawing for years. I mainly sketched and doodled until I began attending the University of New Mexico in 1994. There, I began drawing Life at Bayside. I got many positive responses and enjoyed success. I was even approached by a national college magazine, which published a single panel color strip that I drew for them. It was fun. After college I took a break and now I'm going to try and crank things back up again.

My hobbies are bowling, drawing, reading, collectables, giving people shit, etc. I also love to play the drums. Well as some of you may know I love to play the drums and I finally got a picture of them so you can see. I play pretty good and I'm even looking for a band to join now. Just call me nightclub Curtis. They're Tama Rockstar Classics. I jam on Rush, Van Halen, Genesis, Iron Maiden, Yes and other hard 70s-80s rock music.


Check it out! My old man used to race cars on the roundy round dirt track when I was a young pup. Below is a slide show of his cars and even a model I built of one of them. Enjoy!

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