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Welcome to the Story Page, where I'll display stories of all kinds written by yours truly and you, the fans of Bayside. But you don't have to like the comic to come here and submit your work. All you have to do is submit a piece of your own original work and I'll tell everyone who reads Bayside that it's here and I'll give you a page to put it on with your name, the story, and an email where critics can email you their opinions. I'll put a horizontal bar after each section so you can easily see when a new piece has been added. 

Want to submit something? Here are some guidelines. I'll accept any complete short story or ongoing saga as long as it is:

  • Written by you
  • Is somewhat coherent. You don't have to be an expert, but it has to be understandable
  • NOT something written purely to disgust the reader. Violence, sex, etc. are ok as long as it is relevant to the story and isn't gratuitous
So if any of you folks out there have a story you'd like to share, Email it to me and I'll put it up for all to see! Keep in mind that I update my pages Sunday night, so if you miss that time, your story will go up the following Monday.

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