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Boxjam Doodle is a daily comic drawn by Boxjam and, you guessed it, starring Boxjam! Not your normal strip, which is where it gets its appeal! Check it out.

Bruno the Bandit by Ian McDonald is the ongoing saga of Bruno Bunkleyutz and his pet micro dragon and how they make their name in the world. Very funny!

Clan of the Cats by Jamie Robertson is a daily comic strip that is the ongoing story of Chelsea Chattan, a witch, who after a three year absence, returns to her hometown only to find out that things are not always what they seem.

College Roomies from Hell by Maritza Robelledo is a daily strip where everybody is crazy as a fruitcake. Although they look normal, they are not. And the world they live in is even worse. Anything could happen here, and it happens. It's unpredictable, except of course, for Murphy's Law.

Freefall by Mark Stanley is a thrice weekly strip featuring Sam, Helix and Florence (she's a real fox) and their humorous space-faring adventures. Funny stuff!

Hosers by Aric Campling and Lev Babiev is a 2 or 3 strip-a-week comic about guys who only recently found they're working for a top-secret government organization -- oh and there's a sack of kittens too.

GPF by Jeff Darlington is a daily comic that's a cross between Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes. An ongoing saga of characters working in a software development company and their trials and tribulations.

Hip Shot by Andy White is a single panel strip that brings back images of The Far Side. Great stuff!

Joe Average by Aaron Holm is about Joe, the classic put-upon everyman... The kind of guy who is the "glue of society;" not spectacular, yet not mediocre.

Newshounds by Thomas Dye is a daily strip that takes place at KPET, a TV station owned by Lorna Dilbrook, a woman in her late twenties. After seeing what passed for local news, she came up with the idea of employing her pets as newscasters, thereby improving journalism by leaps and bounds. 

Redmeat by Max Cannon is one of the weirdest  strips on the net.  But it's one of only 3 comic strips that have EVER made me laugh out loud.

Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams is the most viewed cartoon on the net. It revolves around a cast of people, demons, and even an ill-tempered bunny.

Soap on a Rope by Bob Roberds is a thrice weekly comic featuring Max Slacker the technician and his pals at the MCX Computer Corporation. You'll love it!

Wandering Ones is a daily action/adventure strip by Clint Hollingsworth that's set in the future! Magnificent artwork and realistic storylines make for some great reading!

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