Take Me Home, Baby!

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The Lethargic Duo That's right, ladies and gentlemen. It's the official Fatman and Badger page! Here, you will learn about the The Pork Knight and his trusty sidekick, Badge Wonder. You'll learn everything about them from their dark, mysterious origins, to the tools they use to battle culinary injustices. 

Below is a table of contents where you'll find everything you need to know about the Lethargic Duo. Simply click on an item to learn more about it!


Official Origins
Fatman and Badger were created by a bizarre twist of fate when they mistakenly ate a pizza made by the sinister Chef Boy-ar-Deevil, who used a secret plutonium-based pizza sauce designed to bring all of Bayside under his control. The pizza gave them extraordinary powers, such as:

1. The uncanny ability to eat vast amounts of food.
2. Resistance to heartburn of any kind.
3. Hearing so keen, they can hear a package of dolly madison powdered donuts being opened a mile away.

Fatman is none other than mild-mannered George Bulhoffer, a gentle shy giant who studies at Bayside University to be a master chef.  He resides at the boarding house known as "Hagar House".
Badger is the incomparable Barney Badger, also a resident of Hagar House and official mascot of Bayside University. Not quite "mild mannered," Barney has the temper of, well ... a badger, and he enjoys being the first to be looked at when the last beer is gone.

Unofficial Origins
Couple of bored couch taters who decided to whip up the superhero gig after the fat guy saw The Cannonball Run and thought Captain Chaos was pretty keen. The badger bought into the scheme as he figured anyone fighting to save food had an ample supply of it.

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Any hard working super duo needs to have tools to help them do their work. Below are the ones used by the Lethargic Duo.
Flour Grenade
Slim Jim Sleep Dart
Corkscrew Pasta Grappler
Snak Paks
This special tool can be thrown up to 40 yards and will return to the thrower. Also makes a very tasty
Small sack filled
with flour can be
used to blind an
opponent or even
cover an escape.
Tipped with a small
needle dipped in Nyquil,
this little beef stick packs
a helluva wallop and also
cures the sniffles.
Super-tough pasta grappler
helps the duo scale walls
and other barriers.
Well ... ya never know
when ya need a quick
sugar fix ...
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And what super duo would be complete without a set of super wheels? Well the Lethargic Duo enjoy the services of the Fatmobile, a technology-packed, state-of-the-art '68 Plymouth Fury convertable, as seen below
Features include:
1. AM Radio
2. Swiss cheese holed rag top.
3. Two good tires.
4. Original imitation leather seats.
5. 440 V-8 engine that has a horsepower and gets 10 gallons to the mile.
6. Huge trunk that's big enough to fit a body ... um let's just say it's mighty roomy ... yeah.
7. Oil slick (permanent)
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Any superheroes worth their salt need a retreat, a lair, a place where they can go to consider the best way to stop evil. The Lethargic Duo are no different. The fatcave is located below Hagar House and access comes from a stairwell at the bottom of the basement in the house itself. The fatcave has an underground dock where the Hagars kept a yacht. Now Fatman and Badger use it as their home. Below is a picture of the infamous fatcave.

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Well you gotta have bad guys, right? Below are the nastiest villians known to the food industry. All you're gonna get for now is their pics and their names. I'll toss you some more as they are developed. Ain't I a stinker?

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Fatman and Badger Speak! (I know they sound a lot like Tick and Arthur...scary huh?)
NOTE! If you can't play the wavs, then you need to download an updated sound CODEC.
What does fatman say to villians?
Will Fatman ever surrender?
Fatman shows how much he loves his Badger!
Fatman comments on his favorite pudding
Fatman comforts a citizen injured by Chef-boy-ar-Deevil
What's Barney say when Fatman tells him to attack a shotgun-wielding villian?
Fatman reveals his awesome powers!
What does Fatman think about his future?

Fatman warns his enemies to avoid overconfidence

What does Fatman think about Anesthesia?

Fatman describes the Lethargic Duo

Badger steals Fatman's Pizza

Badger manages to get Fatman into his "Emergency Pants"

Badger gets sneak-attacked!

Badger shouts the Official Fatman and Badger Battle cry!

What does Badger think when someone calls him a coward?

Does Badger worry about the pitfalls of money? Badger humbly describes himself Badger after a successful pushup Badger is asked to take a bath
What happens when you eat the last piece of Badger's cake?
Badger negotiates with an L.A. street gang about to kick his ass
Badger crashes the Fatmobile into a tree

How does Badger respond to critics who say he sucks?

Would Badger put himself in danger to save a small child?

What does Badger say to the IRS?

Badger runs into a few things while swinging through the city

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